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The Cave Singers "Banshee"
The Cave Singers "Naomi"
The Cave Singers "No Witch"
The Curious Digit "Hessian Hills"
The Curious Digit "Bombay Aloo"
The Lord Dog Bird "The Lord Dog Bird"
The Skygreen Leopards "Gorgeous Johnny"
The Skygreen Leopards "Disciples of California"
The Skygreen Leopards "Jehovah Surrender"
The Skygreen Leopards "Life and Love in Sparrow's Meadow"
The Union of a Man and a Woman "The Sound of..."
Tim Darcy "Saturday Night"
Tim Heidecker "In Glendale"
Trevor Sensor "Andy Warhol's Dream"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra "IC-01 Hanoi"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Sex & Food"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Multi-Love"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra "II"
Volcano Choir "Repave"
Volcano Choir "Unmap"
Wilderness " kno w here"
Wilderness "Vessel States"
Wilderness "s/t"
Wolf People "Ruins"
Wolf People "Fain"
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